Why is there so much pain and suffering around love?  Why does the dream of love so often become a nightmare? Not finding answers, so many women just finally give up hope of every finding authentic love.

Relationship expert and author Morgan Rose has written On Becoming NaughtABimbeaux: to enlighten and empower the Single Sisterhood. She shows how to make sense of the nonsense of past relationships and, going forward, how to tell the difference between a man who can love and a man who can't...before he breaks your heart.

When a woman shifts the question Will he like me?  to Is he WORTHY of me?   her life will never be the same.  And shifting that question is exactly why Morgan wrote this book.

"On Becoming NaughtABimbeaux" energizes your noble quest with a quantum leap from preschool to Ph.D. in learning what’s really in play when girl meets boy.

The process requires a bit more than a new shade of lipstick, hiking one’s hemline, or cultivating a compulsion for NFL stats. After all, if you're with a man incapable of loving, it doesn’t matter what perfume you wear or how you turn him on.

Within the book you will gain insight into the mysteries of the male psyche, the biology of bonding, and the chemistry of love, placing you in a prime position to discern frog from prince before you hand over your heart to his keeping. You will also find real answers to real questions:

  • How do I tell which men can and which men can’t love before I hand over my heart?
  • Why do I so often love the men who can’t?
  • What makes some men lay, lie, then leave?
  • Why does settling feel like I’ve sold out my soul?
  • Is it really that important to love myself first?
  • Why do my daddy and his mommy matter?
  • What’s science got to do with it?

"This book offers a great balance of wit and wisdom. I appreciate how authentically the author describes the “bimbo” psyche –details that are almost never disclosed even to oneself, let alone to others. NaughtABimbeaux is a book I'm eager to recommend to clients and friends alike."

Linda Rose, L.C.S.W., Relationship Therapist

Are you looking for your prince and keep finding frogs? Rose's book guides women to having the love they dream of by connecting more deeply to your worth and identifying signs of a man who is worthy of your love. BUY NOW

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