Relationship Expert and Author Morgan Rose has written On Becoming Naught A Bimbeaux: giving the TRUTH about women, men and what intimacy requires of each. 




Relationship expert Morgan Rose has written On Becoming NaughtABimbeaux to celebrate your courage to reach for your dream by giving you the TRUTH: The TRUTH about your poor choices; the TRUTH about men who can’t love; the TRUTH of what you need to know to have what you want; and the TRUTH about women, men and what intimacy requires of each.  In other words, giving you real answers to real questions:

  • How do I tell which men can and which men can’t love before I hand over my heart?
  • Why do I so often love the men who can’t?
  • What makes some men lay, lie, then leave? 
  • Why does settling feel like I’ve sold out my soul?
  •  Is it really that important to love myself first?  
  • Why do my daddy and his mommy matter?
  • What’s science got to do with it? 

 On Becoming NaughtABimbeaux energizes your noble quest with a quantum leap from preschool to Ph.D. in learning what’s really in play when girl meets boy. The process requires a bit more than a new shade of lipstick, hiking one’s hemline, or cultivating a compulsion for NFL stats.  After all, if you’re with a man incapable of loving, it doesn’t matter what perfume you wear or how you turn him on.

Intelligently and intuitively presented, Morgan marries relationship psychology with 21st Century science to guide you out of your dead-end relationship maze and towards the holy grail of authentic love. Through a therapeutic journey into your past, present, and future hopes, you will embrace the pivotal truth that self-love is your key to authentic relationship, thus shifting the archetypal question, Will he like me? to Is he WORTHY of Me?

From this platform of power, the book gifts your entrée into the mysteries of the male psyche, the biology of bonding, and the chemistry of love, placing you in a prime position to discern frog from prince before you hand over your heart to his keeping.

For ultimately, the intention of this bold book is to empower you to stand at the center of your own universe, knowing all you need to solve the mystery of having and holding authentic love as a woman in the 21st Century.  


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