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Morgan Rose, once a certifiable bimbo, is now a respected in-depth relationship coach, mental health professional, women's advocate, social justice activist, , Who's Who of American Women recipient and 2 x cancer survivor. She has been interviewed on CNN, GMA, FOX, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and numerous affiliate stations as a media spokesperson for women's and relationship issues, including the personality traits of narcissism and commitment phobia. She is, also, a woman who knows, all too well, what is at stake when a woman sells her soul to claim a faux prince.

Morgan is well known for her profound respect for the integrity, intelligence and vulnerability of women seeking conscious relationships. In addition to women's relationship issues, she has supported and developed empowerment programs for teens and women victimized by abuse and domestic violence. Always, her primary focus is based on supporting women's self-esteem and self-respect to know they deserve to claim the life and love they want.

In comparison to typical relationship books urging women to change to attract a man, Morgan's approach empowers women to fall in love with the woman within, the woman buried beneath all the false and harmful childhood and adult messages that tell her "You are not worthy of love."

Both in her book and private practice, Morgan guides the woman to a place of total self-love in what many clients and readers have called the "gentle journey." This very personal journey shifts a woman's typical question, "Will he like me?" to "Is he WORTHY of Me?," and nothing can ever be the same. Along the way, Morgan reveals the truth about men who can or can't love, the mysteries of the male psyche, the biology of bonding, and the chemistry of love.

Based in 21st Century research on the psychology of dating and relationships, Morgan's book weaves compelling stories of women's courage with her vast post-graduate research into the soul and science of intimacy to give women, and men, the real truth about how to have and hold love that lasts a lifetime.

A fierce advocate for women's empowerment through higher education, Morgan has earned graduate and post-graduate degrees in counseling and psychology. Her primary research focus combines human development and neuroscience, with special emphasis on the crucial link between the quality of early bonding and the later adult capacity to either embrace or fear emotional intimacy.

Morgan has been recognized for her advocacy for human rights and social justice, and has presented to state legislatures, and guest lectured at universities. In 2001, she was invited by Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey to present in Washington D.C. in the areas of children, family and culture. Since that time, she has served as Founder and Executive Director of The AMERICA'S ANGEL Campaign, a national initiative to raise the bar on raising America.

Mission Statement of The AMERICA'S ANGEL Campaign: To establish and invest in the well-being of America's children as our nation's highest priority, ensuring their birthright to be safe and nurtured in their own homes and homeland.

A portion of the profits from On Becoming NaughtABimbeaux are donated to The America's Angel Campaign.


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